Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lent Day 22: Sloth (Laziness) We have many examples of laziness within contemporary culture. People who litter rather than put their garbage in trash containers; drive-thru windows and remote controls that promote inactivity; using the elevator or escalator, rather than the stairs, if one is able to walk; televisions that turns many into couch-potatoes; able-bodied people riding motorized carts in stores; not taking down your yard sale sign after the event is over; students who cheat or do the minimal amount of work to earn a grade; habitual procrastinators; not using one brain to think; not speaking out in the face of injustice; taking the path of least resistance; not flushing the toilet in public restrooms; pushing the snooze button on the alarm. May we learn to get up off our asses and become more active for the sake of our physical health and the social benefit of the community.

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